GSoC Report - Week 10 & 11

Improvement work:

  • Completed transition to unit test based development. This involved a lot of refactoring. Well the end result is beautiful :)
  • New Zest Runner ready! This time, the runner uses Task.jsm to send blocking requests.
  • Some automation in the development process using Grunt. YAY!!
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GSoC Report - Week 8 & 9

Working on zest editor. Here are some updates:
* Context menu option to run individual requests from the zest request tree.
* Tree node editor implemented. Comes up on double click too.
* Zest text search implemented.
* ZestExpressionStatusCode implemented.
* Improved tree rendering algo.
* Applied js ‘strict mode’ and jshint to the js code.


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GSoC Report - Week 7

* Fixed a Zest recorder bug which was causing failure in recording at random instances. Now recorder works efficiently.
* Implemented drag and drop feature of zest editor.
* Finally icons are here.

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GSoC Report - Week 5

Not much work this week, was at MozCamp India. Did just small stuff like small optimizations here and there, and modularization of code. Separated sidebar into various sub-modules to keep things clean and understandable.

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GSoC Report - Week 4

Updates in short:

  • Treeview has been integrated in the zest sidebar and appears by default. Now when a recorded zest object is clicked, its treeview is generated and displayed in the sidebar.

  • Zest file importer has been implemented. Zest files could be imported from the import option in the context menu. A file picker pops out. The selected file is imported and treeview of the same is displayed.
  • Zest recorder now records as per session, recording all the req/res happening in a tab across various domains.
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